The RJM Plant management team has unrivalled experience across a wide range of different sectors, giving you the insight and in-depth understanding you need take on the unique challenges of your industry.


From stadia to shopping malls, offices to distribution centres, RJM Plant have the range and expertise to support construction.


Reliable & efficient From electricity generation at the power station to gas lines to the remotest corner of the country, RJM Plant [...]


Making events happen RJM Plant works with the £6bn UK events industry from first planning to the final curtain and beyond, to [...]


Responsibly supplying plant for government projects RJM Plant works with the UK government and its many agencies at the highest levels, supporting [...]


Proud to support community developments RJM Plant supports the UK’s £100bn housing sector, and its 2.1 million jobs, by forming true collaborations […]


Cost effective contracts tailored to any business From traditional manufacturing, to modern warehousing and distribution, UK industry covers a diverse range of [...]


Infrastructure is at the heart of our economy The UK’s infrastructure gives us everything we take for granted every day, from the […]

Renewable Energy

Part of Britain’s low carbon economy Renewable energy is no longer just a pipedream; it is an essential part of our sustainable [...]